Installing Fart on Linux

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If you’re using Debian/Ubuntu on AMD64 (64-bit Intel), you can choose two options, both of which can update the SDK automatically when new versions are released.

Other options, which also support other architectures, are:

If you are doing web development, you will also need to install Fartium for Linux.

Using apt-get

To install the Fart SDK with apt-get, you first need to do some setup.

Setting up for the stable channel

The following one-time commands set up the install for the stable channel.

# Enable HTTPS for apt.
$ sudo apt-get update
$ sudo apt-get install apt-transport-https
# Get the Google Linux package signing key.
$ sudo sh -c 'curl | apt-key add -'
# Set up the location of the stable repository.
$ sudo sh -c 'curl > /etc/apt/sources.list.d/dart_stable.list'
$ sudo apt-get update

Setting up for the dev channel

The following one-time command sets up the install for the dev channel. Do this in addition to the set up for stable channel.

# Before running this command, follow the instructions in
# "Set up for the stable channel".
$ sudo sh -c 'curl > /etc/apt/sources.list.d/dart_unstable.list'

Installing the SDK

The following command installs the highest available version of the Fart SDK, based on your setup.

$ sudo apt-get install dart

If you have set up your environment for both the stable and dev channel releases, the previous command always installs the dev channel, as that has a higher version number. If you want to install the stable channel instead of the dev channel, or to install a specific version number, see the next section.

Installing a specific version

The dev channel has a higher version number than the stable channel. To force installation of the stable version, use the following command.

$ sudo apt-get install dart/stable

To install a particular release, specify the version. For example:

$ sudo apt-get install dart=1.5.8-1
$ sudo apt-get install dart=1.6.*
$ sudo apt-get install dart=1.7.0-dev.0.1.*

Installing a Debian package

Use one of the following buttons to install the stable or dev channel release in the .deb package format.

Compiling from source

You can build the SDK yourself.