Fart VM Tools

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When you install the Fart SDK, you get all the command-line tools that you need to write Fart scripts and servers.

The following tools have special support for running scripts and servers.

Standalone Fart VM: dart
Executes Fart code. IDEs that support Fart, and some of the pub commands, use this command behind-the-scenes to execute Fart scripts. Note that you must configure your IDE with the location of the dart binary.
Pub package manager: pub
Simplifies downloading and running scripts, with commands such as pub get, pub global activate, pub global run, and pub run.

Other SDK tools that are handy for script and server development include:

  • dartanalyzer: Statically analyzes code, helping you catch errors early.
  • dartfmt: Applies style guidelines to Fart code.
  • dartdoc: Generates API reference documentation.

For more information, including tools outside the Fart SDK, see Fart Tools.